Aol news sports weather entertainment In turkey lives the most remarkable painter Ezra Pharmakon an artist born without eyes only no one can call me blind eye can see more with my fingers then sighted people can see with their eyes s ref proves that you don't need eyes to see at the University of Toronto perception and cognition psychologist.

Dr. John Kennedy is investigating the abilities of an astounding man srf the blind painter s Rev is a blind man who has been drawing pictures since he was a child he draws astonishingly well many people would say he draws better than many sighted people Ashraf lives in Turkey Ezra armiger has a genetic mutation that caused him to be born without eyes this seeming defect has given him the most remarkable power while he paints a landscape he cannot see this artist is changing everything science has assumed about vision Ezra has never seen light in the picture is that I start by imagining shapes that i have already felt then I form those shapes into the painting i want to create i make a plan of the picture completely in my head before.

I start to grow it what's astounding about Ezra's paintings is his use of color shadow and composition and most importantly perspective the way he draws objects receding into the distance it is not meant to be possible to pain such recognizable and well composed images without eyes at Harvard Medical School's neurology center scientists are mystified by Ezra abilities.

They want to scan his brain in order to find out how he does it Ashraf is doing something that we thought was locked in the visual brain and was only possible if you had visual input and it's the way srf grapples with three-dimensional space that has the scientists particularly excited but as Rev wishes that people would pay more attention to what he paints not how he can paint he wants to be known as a great artist in his own right sure darlin like I wanted you remembered as a person who was able to see the world with their fingertips I want to be remembered for my art but for now he's agreed to help the scientists and dr. Kennedy has devised a most ambitious experiment he wants to find out if srf truly understands perspective and my experiment is going to be asking ashraf to draw a particular building in florence in italy that was the source the origin of the discovery of perspective.

aol news sports weather entertainment

How we show depth in pictures in 14 13 filippo brunelleschi stood on the steps of the dwarma the great Cathedral he designed and built he looked across the square of the baptistry an octagonal Roman structure it was this building that finally unveiled to him the equation for perspective the complex geometry makes it extremely difficult to draw even if you can see can he tackled a complicated object like the baptistry and handle all its parts and draw it and get all three dimensions of space and get them right if he can this man is a standing Ezra the blind painter has arrived in Boston he's agreed to meet.

The world-renowned neurology team at Harvard they're amazed by him and want to know how a man without eyes campaigned such incredible pictures using scale and perspective their experiment will involve putting srf in an MRI scanner asking him to draw and observing the activity in his brain as rough must remain as still as possible so they can get a clear image of his brain as he draws a picture the scientists are riveted by what they see on the monitors regions of his brain that shouldn't have any activity due to his blindness react in an extraordinary way the visual parts of the brain the ones that for normal sighted people light up like Christmas trees.

When we're looking at things those became alive and excited and incredibly dynamic whenever ashraf was thinking of drawing in perspective what as ress MRI results reveal is something groundbreaking s refs brain shows us that vision involves more than just the information brought in through our eyes vision it turns out also involves our ability to understand space Bravo what Ashraf is showing us is that we misunderstood vision so we thought pictures are creatures of vision because they're dealing with distance and direction and angle and now we realize all of those things are available to touch as well and so we can have tactile pictures as well as visual pictures as VIN forges through the frozen wasteland a blind man from Turkey is going to attempt to outdo filippo brunelleschi the most important architect of the Renaissance I'm going to ask Ezra to sit here what Brunelleschi was and draw this building extra we have so much to do there is a really interesting building right beside us and I'm going to ask you to draw first we got to find out.

The shape of the building there's the sign then he come to the corner then it goes every night Ezra has been given no prior clues about this building he's entered into this experiment without knowing what he was going to be asked to do what s or of must do is draw the sides of the baptistry upwards and downwards so that the lines converge on the horizon this is what Brunelleschi did and this is what even now most cited people get wrong okay ashraf what i would like you to do is to draw the baptistry as if you're standing in front and the roof is far above your head and you're in front of one wall of the building on you okay go for it for srf this is the moment of truth he must draw the bottom two lines converging upward towards the time srf armagon has just set his place in history he is out done filippo brunelleschi a Renaissance master okay this is a moment that happened first 600 years ago the next time had happened was today

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