21 bridges movie review

 21 Bridges Movie Review

it's welcome to preview to that image MJ today a ready we act review riffing at the end we're gonna rate the trailer for 21 bridges.

The new movie coming out with starting chadwick boseman black crafter himself and this time he is a disgraced New York City police detective.

He was get a second chance of redemption his by the Russo brothers mmm something said I said that I don't know if it's correct I did say well.

I looked it up a second ago it I didn't see there didn't anything but yeah crack new subtly jerk or if you were paying attention to your phone dragging.

The babies into his now he just planed your gal you lost on my phone you making me look like a jerk in front.

I everybody mmm-hmm let's go here we go your father died protecting this city he taught you to follow your conscience in an often cruel world would.

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Happen we're staying 18 years committee cops case why were they they responded to a robbery automatic weapons to shooters we have training Oh what were you when your father's kept okay I asked for you for a reason.

I will find out we just keep hops either one you gotta move fast cars plates a story so you don't catch these guys in the next or four hours they vanished are you gonna do this close the I got 21 bridges in and out of Manhattan shut him down three rivers closed four tunnels block him stop every train and loop.

The subways then we flood the island another Disney sex offenders for 30 keys we walked into 300 they'll have to open Manhattan by morning eight dead policeman.

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One thing for the stock market business is quite another thing is filthy you know me you've gotta be the move to be how the killers of cocaine god what's going.

I just need the truth vessel I told me you were fearless the guy kills cop killers see the dead and every cop his eyes culture he's not [Music] oh boy they're not gonna scape decided time tinnitus peace person shooter.

I will find out why tonight happy rather fit you try to represent whoo it's a really great cast this movie looks amazing but yes as a New Yorker yes someone who lives on the island oh yeah they just shut down do you want a riot well no you what you do is I think in this circuit what they played it wrong.

The ability to shut all the bridges down and everything sure but what he should do is pull up pull up Ain and just get up just come out Oh in the last week like shitty to man of give eight cops.

I'm blowing out the bridges and closes the subway bring me the man who killed these bring me the bed of kill these dudes eight cops and look dude I'm telling you like yo they shut down the a-train at 8:30 Pete like no let's get these guys yes like let's hit like I wouldn't text you me like yo I got pitchforks you got you got any torches and you're like we gotta hit the streets and get these days.

I gonna get the work in the morning I'm not what to tell you that is that's true you should you don't flood the city with blue you flood the city with already red blue he said blue.

I thought I said blow and I was like what is it okay they're all hopped up Reina circle OCD with cocaine so they can't sell the cocaine but don't you want them to stop.

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The cocaine so you can trace it I don't know how cocaine just yeah you lower the market value of the cocaine no no that's right you really a ram buff the if you see something say something man no I kinda wanna chadwick boseman do a Bain impression.

I said the only man that knows that during the subway back on yes blam find these two men cuz I know you guys are wearing this those who don't live in the city every.

Now and some for recent videos there are a few people who watch the show that are living in a couple blocks from you which is really cool but for those who do not live in New York City yeah this the subway is life and if you F with the subway everyone goes from like you know you know it's okay.

I will murder whatever I need to murder to grease this train to where I need to go everyone hears stories about New Yorkers and weather so grumpy and man all the time we're not really.

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If there is any truth to that it's because of the subway he's a hundred percent that you are close to so much humanity in a tiny little tube and you're just trying to get to work on time yep mass transit is amazing it's wonderful.

The city's you know is really good with it you know getting us from one place to another but if you throw a wrench in that system or just let the system go to pot for a hundred years and don't upgrade it people are gonna start getting angry and yeah like seriously.

They should have been like just going because we all on our phones can you get the alerts the AMBER Alert stuff just but I learned thank you for downloading my a debate.

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The New York City bus will not come back into rotation until try to get back to a Story on this madness as serious late library fees find him we will be turning off the be for bus it's like just a tiny little infraction the any bolt gives with warrants out.

Just like these picked like a do this pick like a transit that affects like their neighborhood like the train in Brooklyn will be running all the other half hour this man has two parking tickets find him and bring him here this movie doesn't costume.

I'm sure they find the guys at the end but yeah I don't mmm hoo boy shutting off everything and lock it down the city whoo oh boy it's a tinderbox are crazy so Jay how would you rate the trailer for 21 bridges whoo this one's gettin this one's gettin 9 out of 10. 

Camp he's camping a band with bad guys that gambit the tip ratings oh let me guess Tim Riggins no that's a Tyler coach Oh is he not Tim Riggins I don't think so he looks like Tim rang.

He was from Friday Night Lights I believe I know who is also gambit I was mean yeah maybe it no really really bad yes well for him Bethune was camping it was very bad it was very bad so a different guy I think so well I don't know waiting stand sucked oh no Stan all of his work.

I neither do i well how would you guys write this train yeah me come at me let us know in the comments eternal that way off of Route 4 freaking out how dare you they better have a really good reason man yeah it's gonna get a little you gotta love the Toronto subway system whoo it's a good system I don't know what I'm saying that's not our train that's not what but I will be soon because so much of so much of Canadian subway transit.

This marked up to look like New York City it's not even funny oh it was a bath train that was the No yeah but then north New York North Metro North you never take the metro-north yeah that's not that much sure maybe once maybe the PATH train may be I mean there are a lot of ways out of the city I can't shut down the path trades.

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Until you'd answer to me whether or not that was Tim Riggins could you knock it when I'm loading my app can you guys know that the 21 bridges cuz.

I didn't know there was that many it was like six there's some little ones up here together some little ones that's always those little ones long ones well if you can name them let us know the lower how are you sport Channel yeah weird lots of fun cool people someone that's a fun cool stuff.

21 bridge movie trailer

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