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 Hello everyone welcome to another tutorial provided brighton web solutions comm my name is vipul with lagaye and in today's tutorial we will be discussing the blue host cPanel and specifically how you can get SSH access into your web server so with this in mind there are a couple of things that we will follow throughout this section so just so you have a brief introduction in order for you to go through with this tutorial you need the following you need the Bluehost cPanel credentials that way you can log-in to your Bluehost account and once you're logged into the account we are going to create an SSH key and then learn how to use that SSH key in order for you to use a terminal like putty to SSH into your web server so let's get started...

 Alright so like I'd mentioned before first thing you need to do is you need to log into your Bluehost account and once you're logged into your account it probably might look something similar to this and I'm I'm talking in specific terms to Bluehost because that's one of the hosting account that I recommend my clients buy because of their unparalleled support 24/7 support help and all in all they do have good servers with good bandwidth and a lot of other needs especially for a small business owner in order for them to host a website so with that in mind what I'm gonna do is we are going to go to the Advanced section the Advanced section will essentially take you to the dashboard of the cPanel and once you are in the cPanel dashboard here's what we're going to do we will click on you go down we will click on the SSH access on this security so it's right here you can access it through here or on the left hand column you will also see that you have an SSH access here as well so either one you click on the SSH axis once you are there you will see that you get a couple of one option that would be managed SSH acts manage SSH keys click on that and once you hear here's what we're gonna do we will be generating a new key and that's the most easiest way for me to get through.

 This tutorial without getting into more specifics on how to do it so in order for you to do that you click on the generating your key button and once you're in the page you're gonna give it a name so for this section I'm gonna call it download test you're gonna give it a tap password use a strong password for this section that's very important but for that you told your purposes I will be choosing a password here you can always use a password generator if you want a more a stronger more encrypted password that you want to use in the system so I leave that up to you oh it says that my passwords do not match so let me go ahead and redo them before I move ahead okay you're gonna select the key type as RSA and you're going to leave the key size at 2 2048 you're not gonna change anything you can keep them as default and once you're done with it you're gonna click on the generate key button and for some reason it still says that I have a wrong password so let's see whether I can get rid of this okay there you go I'm gonna click on the generate key so once done with this your key is generated so there's a couple of things that you need to do after this so what you're gonna do is you're gonna click the go back button once again.

 It'll take you to the main page where you have all of your keys and once you're here you will see a list of your public and private keys so the first thing that you're going to do is you are going to have to authorize your public key as you can see the status here says it's not authorized so in order for you to do that what we will do is click on manage and then click authorize so your public key is now authorized the next step in the process is for you to download your private key it's in a format called dot PPK and that's what we're gonna do here so we're gonna go down browse to your private key and when you're here you're gonna select the key that you want to download so the one that we created right now is this one right here we're gonna select view download and once you're on the key page they will give you an option to convert the key into a PPK format so here's what you want to do so we're gonna be very easy you're gonna enter the password that you created so in my case I'm not going to tell you what it is but I'm going to type in the password that we created when we're creating the key and you're going to hit convert once you hit the red button it'll give you an option to download the key in a PPK format.

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 So I'm gonna hit download key and that will essentially download the key into your desktop or your downloads folder in your computer so most of the work is done now so we have created a PPK key so a couple of things before I move ahead by default they say such access on your web server might not be enabled through blue holes so one thing that you will have to do even if you do create this is to contact customer service you can always get on their lights at support or we can give them a call and tell them to enable SSH access it's most likely that it's not enabled by default so I recommend you doing this before you attempt the next step which is using a terminal window in my case we will be using putty in order for us to access your web service so here's what we're gonna do I'm gonna open a putty window all right my pretty windows right here okay my pretties acting up a little bit there you go several things that you need to know you need to know the host name and the poll that you're accessing is to 422 so how do you get these details if you do not know how to get these details.

 I'm going to show you how to get it you're going to go back to your Advanced section of your Bluehost profile and once you are here my server is acting up a little bit today one of the reasons might be is because I actually have some files uploading into an FTP server in the background so I do apologise for the for the delay on my end but once you're here you will see that you will be given some information on the right-hand side under general information now I will be blurring out most of the information because I don't want you to have some of these content but one of the some of the things that you do have here is a current user the username here is going to be important as well so I suggest you note it down and if you come down a little bit you will see another section that it says server information so if you click the server information button it will take you to a section where it will give you yes server IP address where exactly is your server IP address or am I mistaken on this end there you go so again.

 I will be blurring this out but you have a section called shared IP address so you would need that in order for you to access your SSH on the footage so what we're going to do is you're going to use that information here I'm going to copy and paste it please do not be alarmed if it's blocked out I am trying to make sure that nobody's will hack into my account but it's important that you get this information so you get this host name or the IP address IP address will be best if you have one once you have that you on the left hand column of your SS putty terminal you will have under connection a section called SSH you're going to click that and under isis h you're going to click on the odd key and once you're here this will give you a chance to browse and select the PPK that you downloaded so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna can select browse once again guys I really do apologize for the slow machine right now I have a large file uploading into my FTP server and once you're here you can select the file you downloaded that's a down web test up PPK you're gonna select that and then you can actually go back into and this is a trick that I recommend you do as well you can go back into your putty session and you can save these details according to test server and then you can hit save now what this does is actually saves all of your information.

 So the next time you're trying to SSH into your account using putty most of your information is going to be set up so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna save it right here and once you're done with that the way that you load it is you click on the server that you want to load and you click load it'll load it here and once that is done you click the Open button and the Open button will essentially open a SSH window into your server and it says login ass so here's what simple remember when we were talking about the Bluehost account earlier we were discussing you will have a username so the username I asked you those are noted down so that would be important so we're going to write the username and once the username is done it will ask for your SSH key password that you created so this is the the password that you created when you were creating the SSH key you enter that into the system there you go now you are essentially log in to your account if you want to see a list of everything that we use in your account you can type the LS command that will show you a list and if you want to open a specific folder you can do CD and the folder that you want to open up and here you can see a list of all the files that you have as well so this gives you a brief update on how to SSH into your account and use putty in order to do so so once again you need to have these credentials your Bluehost credentials you're going to create an SSH key then you're going to download that SSH key in a PPK format and once you're done with that you will be using putting your a terminal window in order for you to SSH into the server that being said I'm gonna sign out ah I do have a link if you want to purchase a Bluehost hosting account I do have a link in the profile you can use that and you know like I had mentioned earlier Bluehost is one of my de facto recommendations for hosting services because of their support and their speed and a lot of other details that you know you might not get from other hosting providers so with that being said I'm signing off once again this is dawn web solutions my name is John Moodle agay and I'm looking forward to creating more tutorials that will help you in the near future thank you....

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