2019 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Brady takes the step tom Stanton he loads up he's hit the balls oh and tonight instead of a red and blue confetti rain it's green and silver there will be a lot of questions asked about the future for a number of the Patriots coaches players so with Rob Gronkowsk i being banged up Tom Brady being 72 years old Bill Beli chick wants to kick it on the you know where you go dynasty over and I know we do this every year but it seems a little bit different this year throughout my whole career here I've been hearing that about every single year Brady's done Bella chucks not enjoying.

The coach anymore whatever it is whatever they come up with you know you just let it bounce off the walls and let it go away of course you hear it you know here and there but it's a lot of noise wasting your time on negative energy doesn't really help you Tom getting old is the new thing every year and I don't know if people realize like he can't go backwards he's got keep getting old it's not about him getting old as he's ever gonna suck when you come off a Super Bowl loss.


I think it was a wake-up call for us and I think it really helped propel us into the 2018 season the law of Belichick states that you don't dwell in the past you prepare for the present he did that in 2018 by bringing in a familiar face do you really think that bill can't tell you apart I mean you guys have been together forever now no doubt there's a lot of people in the building that are struggling to tell us apart so they called me dad for the beginning of training camp.

I think everybody was just so used to just saying dead in the beginning it just called us both dead when we first got here we both I think had already long sleeves underneath our jerseys coach Belichick calls up he goes guys have to wear the same color shirts everything it's hard to tell them apart I've got to take a second look so from that day forward and training camp we made sure every day we wore the same exact color shirts I could tell them apart from a mile away I think Jays a little more chiseled in the face devs kind of I think he's being a little too much.

The Makah Ruiz are identical their NFL career paths for anything but Devon has spent his entire career with the Patriots making the playoffs every season prior to his brothers arrival he won two Super Bowls Jason spent his first eight NFL seasons in Tennessee where he never made the playoffs in 2017 he signed with the Browns and endured an Owen 16 season you got to get out of that it was a rough goal for us obviously when you go on 16 and I remember ending that season and telling my agent.

I'm going in a year 10 like man if I can't find a way to you know move on or have a new start would be awesome with Jason on the trading block Devin sought to make his roommate but teammate ITEX coach Belichick and told them to McCord he's better than one and I don't get a response for like 30 or 45 minutes so I was like dang I guess he doesn't think Jays that good and then he calls me and he was like we actually called down there we trade it for him dead face times me I was just like welcome to the Patriots.

I'm decided like what are you talking about and it was just thought we just traded for you so I started laughing I was just like all right oh yeah I bet so he was just like no I'm dead serious I just got off the phone with Coach Belichick we just traded for you  growing up you know we are basically all the same things you know same dreams same clothes same shoes I really loved our childhood you always have somebody there with you you always have somebody to go outside and play basketball with somebody to play article games with you just always had a sidekick it was also always someone to play football with first in Pop Warner then at st.


Joseph's Regional High School in New Jersey before heading to Rutgers University and then 2018 almost a decade later in Foxborough I thought was the perfect time I was excited to see what it would bring and what we were bring out of each other being on the same team again the mcore days were together again Tom Brady had his own reunion with his number one receiver Julian Edelman zhh 2017 season ended in August Grady and a gun at first by little for Adam it runs to the but he rolls over oh boy and many favors is right leg flipping to the far sideline next one ACL and knew it it's tough you're coming off a Superbowl year you know you feel great you know you put in a lot of time in the offseason you put a lot of time in training camp and to go out there and tear your ACL I mean it was one of those things where they just sucked it just sucked you play the game to play the game and it becomes a you know becomes pretty lonely spot then there becomes a point where you had to worry about trying to get back to where you can go out and help this team and that's what I had to do after spending all 2017 were you having his knee Edelman was raring to return in 2018 well it's been several suspensions.

From the NFL today obviously Julian Edelman the latest and the biggest his appeal officially denied according to his source informed of this situation that means he's going to be out the first four games of 2018 with a PE D suspension obviously I felt you know this is this is terrible news you know regardless of the situation there's a lot of people that count on you your teammates your coaches the organization your fans your family your friends and you let a lot of people down you know and it was a very tough time in my life Tommy was a real huge help because the year prior he had to go through you know some similar situations and he just told me take advantage of this time stay in a routine work your tail off and you got to do everything you can to get yourself back in the situation of going out in there helping your team and you know trying to earn these people's trust back and and that's what I had to do.

Even though I'm a spectacular tackler I missed it that time all right training camp is a time for players to sharpen their skills even future hall-of-famers like tight-end rob gronkowski good late hands really good if you're running full speed on this email if you put your arms out too early he can boom he's an athlete they're quick these coverage guys they just SWAT your hands right down at the same time the ball is coming you never showed you were catching the ball that's why I could make a bow so late you know he never had a chance to do it it's nice job Gronk and the Patriots seemed ready for the 2018 season but they dropped the ball losing two of their first three games.

I started off strong with wind brace of Texans and then we went back-to-back losses to Jacksonville to Detroit and the offense was just not clicking we weren't making yards we weren't putting enough points we weren't getting first downs we weren't converting on third down both sides of the ball were playing bad like I had been here before where you know office has a bad game or the defense has a bad game and the other one picks them up and then eventually we get moved but it was just like if it didn't go well in the beginning for us it was just alright it's gonna keep getting worse and worse this is a microcosm of what they are right now we went so many games running the wing like no one wants to be a part of that year where you don't win games and have a chance in a playoff when our faith is tested there's a chance behind doors to grow fellows in week four the defense at one of its best performances of the season pulling.


The Dolphins to just seven points the Patriots had even their record at two and two and their suspended superstar was about to make his return I had some butterflies driving into the facility more than I've had in the years past for your first day I was excited I was nervous I was a static I was emotional I don't know I guess I was to get to go out and then see the fellows see the coaches and get ready for 2018 and that's it peace Spencer is over Tom Brady on first play of the game throws up veal it's caught by Julian Edelman his first catch since 2016 it was cool to get that first catch it was confidence-builder once I got hit once I was able to go out and run I was like hey let's lock load let's go I haven't played football I think it was like falling out five days or something like that so it was good to get out there and catch some rocks and go out and make some plays and it was just great to be back we wanted to get him involved in and you know he made some great plays and you know I play them Jules for a long time and really happy you know to have them out there healthy and having fun Julian Edelman had seven catches in his comeback the following week against the Chiefs reached the end zone for the first time in 21 months it was nice to get back in there you know it's like a warm cozy spot that you know on a cold day you just want to lie next to that's what that sounds like the Chiefs entered the game at five and Oh scoring at least 27 points in every game it'd be no different New England where they amassed 446 yards and scored four touchdowns. but Tom Brady and the Patriots match them point for point with the game tied at 40 the work Rob Gronkowski did back in training camp paid dividends.

We definitely knew that this was an important game because you know they're one of the premier teams in this league this is a measuring stick game this is where we're gonna see what we're at  all right congratulations talk about compete for sixty minutes that's what it took guys fought your ass off out there all right that's good football team give them credit for the way they played you guys we just played a little bit better a little bit better  after six weeks New England sat atop the AFC East at four and two and had emerged from their early season malaise we won in that little funk for those two games we lost we couldn't really find our identity but now we're rolling falling inside the five and into the end zone touchdown Patriots.

You're never gonna have the same team that you have in September that you do in October that you do in November that you do in December hopefully your team's improving and that's what started happening you're getting contributions from everyone and we were worrying about just improving pushed us to continue to work and get better and I thought the team really took that as a challenge Rogers back petals in the pocket playboy gets to him way to push the pocket the pass rush is what we want all right that's the idea right there all right let's keep doing that Grady drop back goes down the left side wide open going to make the catch seven and two it's a long ways from one and two where we were we strung together a lot of wind playing good football and you know we got to keep it going we got another another big one this week the Patriots traveled to the Music City riding a six-game winning streak for Jason McCrory it was return to the town he called home for eight seasons Tennessee gave me a chance a six round draft pick a kid from nyog.


New York to go there and be able to have the opportunity to work his butt off which eventually gave me any opportunity with the New England Patriots squandered their opportunity for a seventh straight whip suffered the most lopsided loss of the season today in every phase the Patriots would eventually win their 10th straight division title but as everyone in New England knows it's important to play your best football after Thanksgiving since 2000 Bill Belichick steams our 64 and 13 in the month of December tops in the NFL but in 2018 their air of invincibility took a hit after a miracle in Miami and you go to Miami and somehow I don't know why they don't know play to the Dolphins down 33 28 with 76 left a miracle touchdown caught by stills laterals back to Parker who flips it to Drake he runs across the 40 doing.

I was the safety and it was supposed to be a Hail Mary there was no how merry they're doing the hook and ladder and then all of a sudden I see Kenyan Drake coming full speed I know this guy's fast he blows right by me I almost fall and they won the game is the Miami miracle look at Gronkowski stumble he was the safety I missed that tackle you know even though I'm a spectacular tackler I missed at that time alright and the Patriot stand stunned in disbelief we had that game won again and we had it won but it wasn't the end of our season we knew that we're gonna have to come together as a team even more if we wanted to keep on moving forward.

If we wanted to get to where we needed to get to and we go to Pittsburgh and we lay another goose egg basically and the game hinges on a fourth and 15 complete to crush losses and the month of December but you're closing out of here it was another tough two weeks which was really tougher than Jacksonville and Detroit from a sense of this is what we talked about we talked about getting better for this part of the season and then you go lose two on the road it was kind of like you know what's going on like now what and I hate to say this and Patriots fans don't get mad at me I'm not worried about the Patriots this year it isn't your season you guys are not going to the Super Bowl we all had to look in the mirror and it was just more or less like who are we gonna be in what are we gonna be nothing's gonna be handed to us just because the team has gone to back-to-back Super Bowls doesn't mean you're going back this year they're gonna have to go out there and really go get it  the playoffs are nothing new for the Patriots but for the McCarthys.

It was their first time sharing the postseason stage well you get to experience something over and over again there's no better way to experience it with someone new that has been a lifelong best friend your twin brother  and that's when like as a brother set in I'm like man you know something that we think about as normal here in the wingmen we do all the time and how happy he was but being a playoffs it was awesome for me as a twin brother the Patriots began their AFC title defense against the Chargers a team that many pundits picked it unseat them big time I am going with the Chargers to win in Foxborough they are looking for this challenge.

So I'm going to charge us on the road I'm gonna go with the Chargers take a look at Tom Brady he won't play as well as he has in the past everyone is living off the past and sometimes you know what the past strikes out I understand I'm putting myself in jeopardy here I think this weekend is going to be remembered as the weekend that this the greatest run in NFL history in minds greater than what the Steelers did in the 70s greater than what the Cowboys did in the 90s the Niners in the 80s this is the weekend it ends Tom Brady is the most decorated player in postseason history but it was rookie running back Sony Michele who stole the show Michelle run by Sony Michelle Michelle rushed for 129 yards and three first-half touchdowns.

So I've been hearing for years every time we get ready for the playoffs everyone talks about a playoff experience and bill comes in there and he's like don't tell me about playoff experience all that matters is you're playing good football and I thought Sony is a great example of that  Patriots and we question how's the bookie gonna look in his first playoff game he's looked pretty good so far nice clothes Tony let's go we were able to run the ball and anytime you were able to run the football it creates openings for other things and we were able to capitalize on those things in his first playoff game since Super Bowl 51 Julian Edelman recorded the most prolific performance at his postseason career tallying 151 yards modern nine catches doesn't live Lionel Richie okay I love Lionel Donnell ha baby Lionel Julian out of it yes League all day long here at Foxborough  Julian's a beast big games come he's always coming out to play you never see Julian in big games back down  hustle up you're such wide open touchdown Patriots Brady surgical.

Hey we need to go win on the road the Patriots are bound for the AFC championship for an eighth straight year Kansas City here we come  you mentioned it your 8th straight AFC championship game and it's a rematch against Kansas City this time though in Arrowhead what can we expect from that one they'll be a good game they're a good team and we played him/her this year you know I know you know everyone thinks we suck and you know can't win any game so we'll see it'll be fun I think he's genuinely pissed off that people think we suck 100% he just brought up something that everyone's been saying about us throughout the whole year and he's sticking up for our whole team he's sticking up for the whole organization by saying that in the media talking about how this is the end of the dynasty you know I'm sure winning sweet but is it that little bit sweet when you're constantly proving people wrong all the time I just like went in it's like winning  the Patriots 5 regular season losses all came away from home rematch with the AFC's top seed they would have to endure one of the most hostile Road environments was just kind of already right in that there was no way New England could go on a roll and beat Kansas City the Patriots try to defy the conventional thought but this team has to be at home to win in the postseason be new is gonna be a hostile environment against the team that was gonna be the best team you played that year to go to the Super Bowl  the Pats have won five titles they may eat Super Bowls with Brady at quarterback Belichick on the sidelines but many believe that this Chiefs team is ready to take the baton from the Patriots because of their young quarterback Patrick Lajos.

New England's shut out the Chiefs in the first half by shutting down League MVP Patrick mahomes and his top wide receiver Tyreke Hill we came up with a game plan where we had two gods on/off the whole game you going against a guy who just had 175 yards and three touchdowns the first time you played them and he had one cut what we were doing from the defense standpoint it was pretty good defense against let's go boys we need points that's why we're here it was that time again I mean I felt like our offense rolled when we were more under pressure we just knew we had to find ways to put up points.

We didn't care if it was fancy we need care if it was dirty we didn't care if it was running the ball wink it was passing ready pumps he throws it down the left side for Dorsett  everyone kept on saying it so you let him know you know you agree with them sometimes he's too old to make those throws bombs in Arrowhead for touchdowns you know you gotta let them know sometimes yeah I let you gotta let him know you're agreeing with the people up by three with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter the Patriots 11th Super Bowl appearance was within reach Chiefs need a bounce that Edelman muffs the football I didn't country when I saw him back away from the bars like there's no way Julian touched it I felt like if he truly touched a ball he would have tried to hop on it right away he would have had that instinct like.


I hit the ball I would have hopped right on I don't think I didn't feel I'm a hundred percent sure it did not touch my wonderful Allred cutters a hundred percent a lie that they got the call right putting matter good tip ball pick two plays later [Applause] in a frantic fourth quarter the teams exchanged the lead three times [Applause] it ain't over it ain't even close there's gonna be some adversity now let's go baby down by four with a minute remaining the Patriots needed a touchdown from the Chiefs 34-yard line brady dropping back intercepting we just threw an interception and you saw the flesh from my eyes that the season was over and I turn around and see a flag on the ground and I'm just hoping for a second chance whenever you get a second chance you got to be ready I just know Tom in that situation.

I just knew the ball was gonna come to me no matter what Freddie he's going to turn and give it to Burke anyone's left behind Devin he plows his way to the endzone touchdown Patriots the MVP matched the go marching down field to send the AFC championship game to overtime can't you mine ready for overtime let's go to overtime let's go 3131 time we begin overtime New England has to have a touchdown on this drive to win it when you get to play with offense like this that last Drive I was like man this game's gonna be over third down and ten for the path continues to be a thorn in the side for the chief and for the third time in the stripe the Patriots have third and ten the first time 22 Edelman second time 15 Edelman what will the Patriots do here with the ball at the Kansas City 30 ready the Bakken grows down a little breath makes the catch of the 21st down for New England Thanks playing drunk your beats second and goal New England at the two yardline and the Patriots can win with a touchdown the Patriots try to do what they did to the Falcons in Super Bowl fifty one to give to brick and run for the win  all I could think just running on the field and seeing my brother and hugging him and on my man he doesn't even know what he's really getting into and just being so happy unreal I'm just just sitting there and ten years.

I had come to terms with the fact that but maybe it's just not in my journey but in that moment knowing that now you've achieved it you've earned it as a team and you've punched your ticket unreal that's where you this is awesome don't get me wrong but the next one let's go not playing the year before I'm not playing the first four being counted out multiple times by everyone and you're getting to go back to the Super Bowl for the third straight time you know we may not talk about that being the goal every year but you know you want to play in the last game of the year and we were going back to playing the last game of the year  welcome to mercedes-benz Stadium and his Super Bowl 53 between the New England Patriots champions of the AFC and the NFC champion Los Angeles Rams the Patriots defied the doubters by reaching Super Bowl 53 but for Julian Edelman the game was about more than proving a point you were appreciative to be there because I sat and watched the year before you appreciate any time you get to play in a Super Bowl but there was a little extra umph this is a long year we weren't supposed to be here everyone thinks we're gonna lose everyone thinks you know we're not good enough it's our times over but we're here and we're ready to work when I think about this is one last time.

When I was reading a verse in ecclesiastics it says two is better for one for they have a great reward because if one Falls the other one can pick them up the other one can pick them up what was the man who's alone cuz no one can pick him up I remember reading that I want to say maybe a day or two days after the AFC Championship game and I was like that's not only this team that's my journey of having a twin brother you know what I still meant something the year before but to have your twin brother the guy that's been picking you up and you pick him up since you first learned how to crawl and walk and you were falling and it was a reminder that this is about us like this is something we get to do together let's have each other's back for another 60 minutes growing up warming up for those Pop Warner games playing - now it was like everything came full circle.

Tommy he's like a brother and he treats me like a little brother sometimes you know I'm very happy that I've got to play with them I said let's just say that you know love the dude Edelman and Tom Brady are almost always in perfect sync it's a connection that Rams couldn't stop in Super Bowl 53 it's one of those things where he sees something and I see something and we just go to work that's gonna throw they can't cover even when he's double-teamed he still keeps moving he kept our offense going throughout that whole game hey but keep it going they can't cover they can't cover me Edelman capped his comeback campaign with ten catches for 141 yards he now has his sixth career 100-yard receiving game in the postseason only Jerry Rice's pockmark passes in the postseason for Super Bowl MVP the Patriots were accumulating yards but through two and a half quarters they could only muster one field goal defensively.

New England was shutting out the NFC's highest-scoring team Rams right now with away to the best drive of the evening were the first intent coming up from the patron 29 Goff on the drop throws to the end zone I saw the ball go up and I'm just sitting there doing the math in my head like like geometry hypotenuse this I was like is he gonna get there because I saw to play development I want to take off getting backwards and kind of just peeked over and just saw Kooks wide open when golf let it go there wasn't a patriot within 10 yards and in that moment I just put my head down and just ran forward never looked back for the ball he comes from the opposite side of the field and makes that play Jason McCourty close quickly that should have been six Jay just gave everything he got to get there and it was probably.


The biggest defensive play of the game he was awesome to see him get to make that play because of the journey he's had to go to get to play in this game Jason accordion in his first postseason big defense a gym there Jason McCole DS heroics held the Rams to a field goal tying the game at three let's go now let's get one you got it you have two 17 years after the Patriots captured their first Super Bowl championship led by the same head coach same quarterback on the verge of a sixth title  Britany stands and lots of throw to Gronkowski down the right sideline make the catch you go to what's work that hits element at Cracow sweet let's go guys hey grump I need you kill a big play for drama second and three upcoming eight-minute bark fourth quarter shotgun snap Freddie lobs on throw for Gronkowski  grogs pre-season preparation paid off in the posts.

I knew the ball was coming to me and I have a seen route in boom I made that motion right at the right time where only I could go out there make a play time put the ball up right where I could do it in first down it was one of the biggest plays in my career that protocol Kowski folks that works for NFL Films that's one for posterity  the final catch of Rob Gronkowski's career put the Patriots in the red zone for the first time all game Michelle [Applause] that's the elephant sweet lon that's fourth corner that's budding time for the greatest guy never suited up hey Tommy the Patriots have won their six Super Bowl title alva game it was definitely a great day just because it was such a mentally physically emotionally long long year like honestly 20 months 18 months just you know grinding you know being able to fight and really believe in yourself I had a special day there was a special day that I'll never forget it was the most rollercoaster season I have been a part of there's times where we're being so praised that we couldn't do anything wrong and then there was times where we were the worst team where we sucked but after season like that we knew all that hard work finally paid off I just really wanted to live in the moment of right there winning the Super Bowl my first one getting a chance to win with my brother and just looking around that Stadium and just like man like we did it like I finally got meme all right the third one is the most special one for me but it's only because he's here just imagine you know what he feels like you know I'm sitting here and I feel great and this is my third time doing this and that's all I could think about you know was he has this feeling now MVP long year man.

I appreciate you too buddy appreciate it with you here through the Downs and everything man you were the way you treated me on the whole thing was awesome it was cool to get it but honestly it was more it was I was more happy that we just won the game in the early 2000s they won three or four now they have won three of the last five yes it's still a dynasty whenever you're at the top like that people just make up stuff the same the pages dynasty is done they decided every year and one year they will be right but they've never been right yet  happy but not satisfied that's definitely that's how it goes we gotta go do it again  I'm just wanting to lay a hit on Julian I wanted to get that bunt off him because you know Julian was throwing that heat you...

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